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We provide services in the Henry and Forsyth County areas

Residential / Commercial 

Lawn Maintenance 

We provide lawn maintenance for residential and commercial clients. 


The maintenance includes the mow, edging, bed-edging, and blowing of walkways and lawn.


Depending on your needs we will provide cuts  from weekly to monthly, and even one time cuts. Once we get you fitted in the schedule we will arrive on the same day every week provided that it does not interfere with any of your concerns.

Prices range typically from $40 to $60 a cut.

As our customer you can contact us anytime, with questions, concerns or any additional services you may need. Call or even text us.

Leaf Clean-up

A leaf clean-up is available for those looking to remove all leaves from the yard during the fall.  

Trimming & Pruning

Trimming and pruning with clean-up included.

Pricing is dependent on the size of the plant ranging from $3 to $15 a plant typically.

*Crape Myrtles are a specialty of ours, we take off only what is needed every year and cut at specific points to promote healthy and symmetrical growth. Early January to the first week of March is the time to have them done!

Weed Control

Weed control is charged by the gallon and is applied when the ground is dry and rain is not expected shortly after application in order to ensure the application will be taken properly.


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